Upcoming European events:

21st Sept – EADSM Dental Sleep Medicine Course
22-23rd Sept – iBEDSM Symposium

La Réserve, Knokke, Belgium

The European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (EADSM) is an European non-profit organisation with focus on promotion of dental treatments for Sleep Related Breathing Disorders like snoring and apnea.

The interdisciplinary BElgian Dental Sleep Medicine Academy (iBEDSMA) is a platform for gathering information and networking for the multidisciplinary approach of sleep-disordered breathing.

Upcoming BSDSM events:

3rd Nov – Introduction in Dental Sleep Medicine

4th Nov – Advanced Dental Sleep Medicine

More information can be found on the BSDSM website.

SomnoMed UK will be running the following upcoming workshops for dentists interested in Sleep Medicine.

London 8th Sept 09.30-14.30 [download: information]

London 28th April 09.30 – 14.30 [download: information]

Edinburgh 23rd May 12.00 – 17.00 [download: information]

Manchester 24th May 12.00 – 17.00 [download: information]

For more information, visit SomnoMed’s website or contact ksimpson@somnomed.com.


Dr Roy Dookun will present “Snoring patients and dentist pre-treatment screening” at this year’s IDA annual conference. Saturday May 13th 12-1pm, McCurdy Room 3, Lyrath Estate Kilkenny.